Monday, November 18, 2013


Another Monday.

The evening has slipped away.
Just a bit too much TV watching maybe......but I am sure I needed a relaxing evening.
I tend to allow the programmes to roll from one to the next on a Monday evening.
University Challenge at 8 o'clock allows me to feel just a bit clever. But more than that it fills me with nostalgia.
Bill and I got a television early in 1967. One of the very first programmes we watched on it was University can't have been the first because UC was on, at that time, at Sunday lunchtime.
The theme music is the same. I can hear it, shut my eyes and be transported back to the flat we were living in.
And it still jolts me when the announcer says "And asking the questions" - followed by the wrong name.
It should be Bamber Gascoigne. It was way back then.
I am sure Bill called him Bamber Gasket, long before Private Eye ever did.
Bamber is 78 years old now.
Then, later, as we had a cuppa and the most delicious chocolate tartlet I was watching The Choir.
There's another one who has aged - my idols should stay the same!
Gareth Malone is only 38, but looks like a mature man now, rather than the over grown school boy who first organised TV choirs.

The day was busy for me.....well this morning was. I had to find a way of displaying 2 boxes full of recent purchases and a rocking horse. All was completed and almost nothing had to come back home with us.
I took lots of pictures of both my section and a  series of a "tour round the shop".
I will deal with them in the morning.
There were customers too. Mondays are busier than some of the other weekdays.
Today we have sold things ranging from a small old pistol to a celluloid 1930's hair decoration.
Bill has taken more money than me this week. I had a poor week really and he has all his things at half the marked ticket price.