Friday, November 15, 2013


Sheffield Park Gardens. Sussex.

Sheffield Park Gardens are deservedly renowned for their autumn displays.
The estate has been in existence since the time of The Domesday Book.
In 1786 the estate was sold to Baron Sheffield.
The deer park was then landscaped by Capability Brown and subsequently others. The most recent head gardener is the cousin of a friend.
The Earls of Sheffield had a cricket field laid and some first class matches were played there, including the first match between England and Australia on 12th May 1888. Australia won by an innings and 6 runs.
The old pavilion has gone now.

After a while cricket was no longer played and the field was left to return to woodland.
The Great Storm of 1987 felled many of the trees and it was mused that cricket could be played again.
In 2009 the site was ready for matches and a team known as The Armadilloes has it as its home ground.

But on a sunny November day it was autumn colours we had come to see.
A potential photograph at every turn!

We called in at Heaven Farm on the way home for  a pot of tea and some cake.
It was sun set time.

Fantastic colours.
I think my camera picks out reds very strongly.
And of course I do look at every photograph and tweak a little so that the photograph portrays what my eyes and brain saw. The sunsets needing no tweaking.
Photography, for me, is more than a record of places and events - though it is that too.
Photography for me is a way of sharing the beauty and interest that I see in my life.
It is a way of holding on to the things which have mattered to me on a particular day - people and places and moods.
I have a favourite picture from this day. I wonder which your favourite would be?