Sunday, November 17, 2013


Working weekend.

It has been a weekend for working hard at my hobbies.
Bill came with me to Ford. I just wanted to get him out somewhere and offered a later entertaining trip out.
But Ford it was and I was glad to be there. I found lots more good things to sell.

This was actually a vase that I bought on Thursday. It's big!
Here it is again, priced up and surrounded by many more things that are ready to take to the shop tomorrow.

I spent the hours before Bill got up this morning sorting that lot out.

Bill left me alone for a good while at Ford. It was cold - and worse the hernia he has is causing a lot of bother.
Bill is not buying things anymore for selling.
Bill was just looking forward to his breakfast. It was another sociable time with people we have got to know.
I think we should find a "local" like that in our own town.

I did really wish that I had been in Newcastle yesterday for an evening at the theatre. Our grandaughter, E, was Prospero in an abridged version of The Tempest. She has always been introverted and somewhat shy - but no need to fear; the performance was excellent.

This afternoon we were timekeeping for the first sportshall athetics league match of the winter season.
We arrived to find a hall crammed with young athletes and parents - more than we have seen before.

That's one end of the hall before the events began - lots of movement as youngsters warm up.
We had enough timekeepers. Very pleased to have Gerry at my side.
There were so many races - the normal programme plus 15 non scoring races.
The end of the meeting was very rushed - we are supposed to completely vacate the building by 5 o'clock; that's all the people and all the equipment. We were still running relays at ten to five!
It was fun.
Good to be amongst the friendly athletics crowd again.