Wednesday, November 20, 2013



Not the best of days.
My, it did rain hard!
The leaden skies hung over the nearly bare trees. The leaves, last week all golden and beautiful, now lay sodden on the ground.
It looked gloomy.
But we weren't going anywhere.
I enjoyed sorting out another section of Newcastle photos -see below.

I have attempted to get in touch with he memory assessment service.
Twice I have phoned and twice I was greeted by an answerphone.....and not one that responded to my pleas for information.
Looking at the memory assessment service in Horsham online, I am getting the feeling that it is run by a bunch of amateurs!
One site had some very critical comments from "customers".
The service is provided from offices, not a hospital.
I am now left very unsure about whether Bill is being offered a good service.
Does he get to see a consultant neurologist? Surely he will. And who can tell me?
I decided that perhaps the memory nurse who first assessed him might be able to help.
Could I find the letters about his appointment with her? No. I think Bill has maybe thrown them away. That is a pity because there is a full report of her assessement.
Tomorrow's job is to be persistent and not rest until I have some answers.
Fortunately Frieda, next door, has seen the same memory nurse. I am hoping that she has thrown nothing away. I need that phone number.
This evening I feel stressed and fuming!
I want the very best for my man and I am fearing right now, that he is not getting it.
I am not expecting even the best medical people to cure him - but I am expecting the best medical people to see him.
If I find that things are not good enough then I will pay for the best - though that is not something I can rush into.
People keep telling me that the sooner a diagnosis is made the better and then if medication is appropriate then the sooner he gets that the better. I have had reports of the medication making quite a difference to life, though maybe only for a year or so.
We will be seeing a GP on Friday, not one we have met before. he is new to the practice. This is an appointment about the hernia that Bill has.
I hope this man is on the ball, because I shall be expecting him to pick up the pieces in the struggle I feel I am having.
I will not have my man fobbed off and treated poorly just because he is over 70 and hasn't a clue that he needs any treatment at all.
Oh yes, I am fuming.