Friday, November 22, 2013


La Rusta and Le Rufus and the doctor.

Hospital consultants are like buses!
You wait anxiously for one and then two come along together!
Today Bill saw our GP - Dr D is a recent appointment to our medical centre and he seems efficient and pleasant.
I think he checked Bill for a hernia in the text book way - which the last GP Bill saw didn't do.
She checked him laying on his back - and it disappeared.
Dr D had him stand up and cough several times.
"Yes, it's a hernia. I will arrange for you to see a consultant who will then put you on the waiting list for an operation"
It's probably quite a long waiting list.
But at least Bill is now in the queue.
From there we went into town - a few bits needed. But most of all a treat needed. We both like treats!
I had planned for a pot of tea and cake in La Rusta.
Bill decided differently - egg benedict was on his agenda. So I ordered soup....wonderful mushroom today with some of their own wonderful bread.
Being sociable in la Rusta has begun. That's good.
A young couple came in with a babe about 6 months old. Mother was not English. After some coffee, the couple left babe with an older woman - his grandmother. She explained that mother was from Peru and that very soon the family would be returning, so every extra cuddle with her baby grandson was precious.
We had a happy hour.
This afternoon we went to see our friend, Jo - she, who has shared every antiques shop I have been in.
Jo was widowed 2 years ago and life has felt hard - but she has put on a brave face and kept her interests going.
One long held desire for her has been to have a dog. Two weeks ago Rufus came into her life. He is a Norfolk terrier. He is still a very young puppy and is a complete and utter charmer.
He will always be a small dog.
Jo knows that the last 2 weeks have been tremendous for her and despite a large extended family of daughters, grandchildren and great children, Rufus has given her own life a focus.
I thought how nice it would be for Bill to spend some time with a puppy.
Well, only had eyes for Paula!

I have never had a dog and presumably never will - but I could see the attraction of Rufus.

It has felt cold today - chilly wind.
Tomorrow we will enjoy sunshine........but it will feel very cold. We will need lots of layers of clothes to feel comfortable at Ford.
But I look forward to it.