Saturday, November 23, 2013


Walking by the river.

Sleepiness has overcome me.
It must be all the fresh air and exercise and activity.
Bill joined me at Ford for a while....well, he didn't leave the car boot sale without me. But he left me to wander alone; he was feeling chilly and his hernia starts to be painful if he walks too much. Though he did walk again later.
I found some interesting things. Though I didn't spend much.
I have an interesting Clarice Cliff bread and butter plate (picture tomorrow). and a Victorian penny lick.
You may not know what a penny lick is.
In Victorian times ice cream was bought in a penny lick. It was served in a wine glass shaped glass, but with only a very small bowl.

This one is like mine and gives you an idea.

The ice cream was licked out of the glass and the glass was returned to the seller.
Lots could go wrong, the glass could be broken or stolen.
And the returned ones were not washed before the next customer and germs were passed around.
Eventually the ice cream cone was introduced.

We had a good breakfast. We heard that our friends Harry and Brian had arrived safely in Malta.

The sun was shining and I wanted a walk by the river. Bill came too.
Walks by the river will not be what they were for some time to come. The new flood defence scheme has been started and the wide path by the river has been sealed off.

It will be completed with a well designed pedestrianised walkway and no road.