Friday, November 29, 2013


Friday and it has felt a bit black.

After a rather late night, I slept badly with lots of waking moments and completely awake much too early.
So the day has somewhat drifted away from me.
This morning we had to buy bread and milk and some other bits.
But I also had plans to spend some money on a bigger item.
I think much of the town had a similar idea.
Yet another American commercial venture has been adopted - today has been Black Friday. Why black? It is supposed to be the day when the retail trade makes more money than any other day of the year.
So what, we British used to think.
But today shops made a big thing of it and had some items very much reduced in price.
It was impossible to find a parking space in Asda - which is, of course an American company; it is a subsidary of Walmart, a company who an American friend has taught me to deride for being so profit based (well, of course) that their workers get a poor deal.
Finally we went and parked in the nearest town car park - should have given up really.
But these days once I have an idea then I seem to demand that it be followed through immediately.
It is Bill who opts to put things off - until weeks and months have passed.
We have always had somewhat different tastes in TV programmes and much more markedly so these days.
Why not have another TV? And why not today?
Bill was hesitant - feeling nervous about his abilities at setting it up.
But we bought a second one for the bedroom. It is done. And it is half set up - there is a picture. But he hasn't yet managed to change channels.
We were glad to escape Asda and come home - having not bought food for the birds as planned.
Then I noticed that something was wrong with my phone.
I was sure it was minor but I decided to get advice - so this afternoon I was back in the town.
The problem could be fixed from settings and all is well.
I have only had my internet linked phone since March, but being without it would feel like a disaster!
I haven't felt really well today - a condition familiar to me and increasing in intensity all the time.
My digestion is fragile.
And don't we all know why?
Yes - the dreaded bread/wheat/yeast has raised its ugly head. I don't have coeliac disease. I can tolerate small amounts of gluten.
But as the amount increases I become less and less tolerant.
The wind is bad enough; and the pain I have now is intolerable. It's up to me to put things right.
I wish Bill had the power to make a similar choice - he also suffers very badly with wind. Which is worse - his loud prolonged belching or my version of the same problem from the other end?
Whoops! too much information!
I will have an early night - much needed.
We (hopefully both of us) will be up early to go to Ford. Forecast is for sunshine at Littlehampton.
I have done a blog about Shere. I hope you enjoy the pictures,