Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Planned and unplanned.

Lots done today - some planned and some unplanned.
This morning we had to go to the bank, the post office and the solicitor.
There was a cheque to deposit with the bank and also bags of small change. My bag is heavy enough without carrying around fairly useless small coins, so I have pots for copper, 5ps, 10ps and 20ps.
We has £21 to put in the bank today.
We had to collect and sign for a package at the post office. I knew it was all the documentation connected with the purchase of our house.
We took all the paperwork to the solicitor, who will use it to complete actions that were decided for our wills.
Then we walked back to the bus station and came home by bus.

This afternoon I intended to finish (is it ever really finished?) sorting the paperwork accrued over nearly 50 years.
But somehow I didn't.
We have a tall cupboard in the kitchen/dining room which acts as the "office" cupboard.
It was pretty muddled.
It seems that I have more greetings cards than I could ever need - particularly with my habit of forgetting to send to people.
We also have more envelopes than I think I will ever need.
Pleased to find an old fashioned accounts book that I must have bought at a car boot sale ages ago. My current book for keeping "business" accounts was started in January 2007 and I am about to run out of pages.
So, that felt good. Tidying and clearing out is good.

I prepared an email to send off to challenge my parking penalty. I added another picture, showing the side of the card that should have been facing upwards yesterday.
I then referred to the penalty notice........"If you are unable to write or email then please phone........"
So, they do expect emails?
There was no email address to be found; so I had to phone and get that.
I grovelled a bit - always wise in these circumstances. I explained how I appreciate the vigilance of traffic wardens in sorting out people not entitled to park in disabled bays, but felt that he/she could have seen that I was entitled and must have realised that I had made a simple error.

And I made a few mince pies today - using up leftover pastry from a chicken and mushroom pie. I had not envisaged mince pies on November 26th!