Friday, November 29, 2013


November stroll and lunch in Shere, Surrey.

Yesterday we spent a little time in Shere, not far from Guildford.
It is a pretty village nestling on the slopes of The Surrey Hills. Our drive took us through golden beech woods - shame that the sun wasn't shining.
Shere is popular with visitors - but surely there must have been reasons for the great abundance of cars in the car park and on the road side? Late November is not a prime time for tourist visits.
We parked in the car park just beyond the village main street......Middle Street.
The turning for that car park is a few yards beyond the pink cottage.

Two and a half years have elapsed since our last visit - but there is a sort of timelessness about a village like Shere.
But there have been changes.
The old forge, where we admired ironwork and artwork is no longer operating.
And The White Horse, where we ate last time, has changed hands. For some reason I felt far less attracted to a dining experience there this time, despite it being a lovely old building. The menu was less extensive and prices were higher.

We decided to take a little walk and survey other eating places. Maybe we would choose to travel on to another village.

The little River Tillingbourne flows through the village.

We walked parallel to the river for a short distance, passing The Old Prison.

Dates from 1710.

On the other side of the lane were allotments - well kept and loved.

Chard - such a beautiful looking vegetable.

A fun front garden.
Maybe the flowerpot scarecrow was made by the creator of these flower pot men.

We walked as far as the ford.

And then almost opposite the pink cottage we found a delightful place to for a snack.

Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe.

It is certainly old and there were certainly sandwiches.

Steve, the owner, does a roaring trade in take away sandwiches and soup.
This makes me wonder if perhaps there is more employment in the village than is apparent.  He couldn't rely on passing trade for lunchtime take away food

Bill sits in the window, waiting for his lunch.

He had a hot bacon bap with hot chocolate and a white chocolate rocky slice.

I had a huge bowl of thick and tasty pea and ham soup.