Friday, November 29, 2013


Snippets of the day.

I have some photos - but they must wait until the morning.
We have been out this evening - babysitting my 2 young nephews; not babies, but lively young boys.
We had a good time together.....watching You've Been Framed and then having story time and then, for them, sleep.
It's half past eleven now and I guess I need sleep.
Bill needs it more - what on earth is he doing still up?

We decided to leave our hunting trip to Ford until Saturday, when the sun might be shining.
Shame it wasn't shining today because we drove through some fabulous golden beech woods on our trip out.
Our day would take us finally to Dorking, but we began in Shere.
It is a pretty and affluent village with a good value pub (The white Horse) that I remembered from a visit about 3 years ago.
But, as pubs do, it had changed hands and the menu had changed along with the prices.
It's a lovely old building - I gather it had been used in the Bridget Jones Diary film.
We enjoyed a little walk - and a few photos and checked out other places where we might eat.
We chose a little cafe, known as (and I wish it wasn't!) Ye Olde Sandwich Shoppe.! But it is in a very old building and it does do sandwiches.
I opted for the pea and ham soup which was thick and tasty.
Lovely people.
It is very popular - opened 9 months ago today.
The owner chatted and in so doing told us that the standards in The White Horse had dropped as the prices went up.
Glad we turned our back on it.

The reason for going to Dorking was to re-arrange and add to Bill's section. He had sold a lot of toy soldiers on Tuesday.
Just because he will close the section at the end of the year doesn't mean we can allow it to look bleak and empty - not during December.
Whilst we were there an unexpected family member walked through the door.
So good to see my sister in law, Ann.
She was in West Street so that her man could visit the model shop. Ann popped in and popped out pretty quickly so that she could catch up with Steve, who had left the model shop and was looking for her.
She has been busy baking in readiness for a fund raising event tomorrow; something my niece is very involved with - the raising of money for a Pre School Nursery in her village.
Good luck to everybody.

The mention of Dorking reminds me that you blog readers will not yet have heard that my appeal against the parking penalty has been successful. I was reminded that I had been a naughty girl and I should not do it again!
I was doubly careful as we parked today.

I could fill a book with Bill lapses, I guess.
But a couple were interesting today. We watched a house programme as we had breakfast this morning. One house buyer who bought a run down house at auction told us that after renovation his total outlay was £97,000.
"Gosh - that's a lot" says Bill.
"Well Bill" I asked....."How much do you think our house is worth?"
Yes, it's a small house; but it is close to London and Gatwick and in the affluent south east corner of the country. So I was a bit surprised that he thought it might be worth £60,000.
It would be at least 3 times that these days.

This evening  he was completely confused as we sat minding the boys for the evening.
He admitted that as I read stories he wasn't sure where he was.
I don't think he really sorted that one out.
I think he was muddling family members - maybe we were in East Grinstead, home of Ann who we had seen briefly in the afternoon?
Then he didn't seem to be sure just who we were waiting for to come back home after an evening out.
"Jenny" I said.
"Will she be staying the night then?"
"Bill - this is her home, she lives here"
"Oh of course"
But he said it again when Jenny got back home.
I have said before that I can cope with memory lapses; they surprise me always, but they are kind of quaint! Quaint but very sad.
Is he bothered? I think momentarily he doesn't like the confusion. But it is soon forgotten.

Well, Bill is now in bed. It is nearly midnight. I assume it will be a late, late breakfast for him in the morning.