Saturday, December 07, 2013


Champagne Charlies!

Not much to say about a busy day in the shop.
It was fun.
Lots of lovely customers and every single one of us sold today.
Lots of Christmas present buying.
I sold 2 local history books, 2 1950 Housewife magazines and a wooden rolling pin.
The most fun customer was a girl aged about 10 in with her father who was looking at silver propelling pencils.
Daughter was clutching a jam jar of water.
She was going to the pet shop to buy tropical fish - a new hobby.
She came back a bit later to show me the fish, which the shop had put in a large polythene bag with some weed - better than a jam jar which could get dropped and smashed and the fish would have ended up floundering on the pavement.
There has been a tremendous surge of interest in champagne flutes - and there are none left in the shop.
Christmas is a special time of course and special efforts are made - but not much sign of a recession if the Dorking folk are drinking lots of Champagne.
But sadly, they won't be drinking it out of glasses from Pilgrims Antiques.
I arrived home to cut up a chicken which had been cooking in the slow cooker all day along with some vegetables.
I am already pleased with this purchase.
Tired now. Goodnight.