Thursday, December 05, 2013


Late night.

A full day - but with time for an afternoon doze.
We went to Ford - melting the ice from the car windows before we left. Soon the temperature got higher, though it didn't feel like it. That wind was so cold.
But we have been spared the worst of the weather in our part of the country.
Floods, power cuts, trees down etc - causing mayhem.
I found some good things at Ford.
The George in Littlehampton felt warm and welcoming and we tucked into some breakfast.
I discussed the thoughts that Jamie and I had had about a label for his condition.
Bill has been on good form today.
He liked the label Pick Disease.......another name for frontotemporal dementia.
But straight away decided he had Pickles Disease - because his brain seems to be pickled!
So, for now - that is what he has!
We drove home straight after our leisurely breakfast - had a cup of tea and went to sleep!
I have been out again this evening.
It was a late night Christmas shopping in Dorking, with all sorts going on.
Pilgrims Antiques would be open until 9 o'clock. Other antiques centres didn't bother.
Sales weren't  brilliant but we enjoyed lots of people coming in and having wine, mince pies and chocolates with us. Some had never been in before.
The town was really buzzing with activities and people. There were several sites for music. We had lots of 50s music being performed outside our door.
You could buy roasted chestnuts and toasted marshmallows and enjoy the entertainers.
The theme was supposed to be The Arabian Nights, which is the Dorking pantomime this yea.
Steve and I entered into the spirit of the occasion and dressed up. Steve had bought a huge gold turban. I sort of adapted some Thai clothes and fabrics.
Pictures will be sorted tomorrow.
My journey to Dorking had seemed difficult. Yes it was dark, the rush hour and at first it was raining hard. But it shouldn't have felt so difficult.
When I arrived I realised the reason.....I was still wearing my computer glasses. Nothing at any distance focussed. Car's rear light looked as big as red little Christmas trees - all blurry but bright.