Tuesday, December 03, 2013


Tuesday - my day of rest.

Tuesday - a day of rest.
Certainly for Bill!
I was up quite early and worked on my Things to Do list - which mostly involved chatting with people on the phone.
I also had a think about things we had bought in Hobbycraft for children. A couple didn't seem quite right.
So, once Bill was up I persuaded him to leave the house and traipse round Hobbycraft again - not very stimulating for him.
I think I now have the things that the children will both like and cope with......and hopefully their parents can be a bit creative and help them.
Whilst out we called in at the hospital for Bill's regular, 8 week, blood test to check that the methotrexate is doing no harm to his body.

Next to Hobbycraft is a big Argos. I have been planning to buy a slow cooker - others seem to cook fantastic meals in a slow cooker; so cordon bleu here I come! I have bought one for £12 and plan to make a beef casserole in the morning that can sit there and cook all day.
Argos shopping is nearly as stress free as internet shopping!

Then we went into the Co-op at Langley Green for bread and things. It's a good shop.
But did we need the bread? We came out and Bill caught the aroma of chips from the fish and chip shop next door. So, we bought chips for lunch.
I shall have to return and take some photos.....the parade has been "improved". Well, some of it has, I love the pictures and patterns on bollards, big and small......one even looks like a little table with a lace table cloth. Love quirky and I am proud that somebody in my town has opted to be creative and quirky.

After lunch I wrapped a parcel for Thailand and went off to post it.
Look out Jamie and Mam - there will be some help needed probably. But I think you will enjoy that too.

Later, I began the search for a friend who lives in France and who I know had moved house.
I began by contacting her nephew - a facebooker.
Through him I learned that my friend is now a facebooker too.
Hooray! My friend who was lost is now found!
Bill had completely forgotten where they lived - but I must be glad that he seemed to know who the friends were. And I must be glad that he realised that they no longer live near us.
Maybe Wales?
No, France, Bill.
He has no memory of our trips to see to see them.