Friday, December 06, 2013


Jail House Cafe. Ifield Wood.

We have passed the bus often....usually when it is closed.
The bus is parked at Little Prestwood Industrial Unite on the Charlwood Road in Ifield Wood.

It's a cafe - Jail House Cafe.
Close by is a sales outlet and workshop called Adrenaline which deals in motor bikes - old and new.
The cafe is popular with bikers.
It is also favoured by plane spotters. You can sit inside with a cup of tea and watch aeroplanes going in and out of Gatwick Airport.
There are tables inside for 16 diners - a bit squashed, but friendly.
There are some stools at a breakfast bar and a tiny side seat sort of sofa.

The bus closes at 2 o'clock, so I was able to take pictures after most of the customers had gone.
This is looking towards the front of the bus.

Somebody is looking very content after cheesy chips.

Our hostess, working in the kitchen at the back of the bus.

The driver's seat.

At lunchtime I would doubt that a couple would ever get a table to themselves.
But that's fine - get to know a stranger, I say.

Our dinner companion.
Good to meet you, John.

After our food, I went through the kitchen and took a couple of pictures of the airport - the buildings were over half a mile away.

Outside, we admired motor bikes.

And then we wandered over to the fence and looked at the airport again.

I always wanted to go to "the bus" - Jail House Cafe, and I am so pleased we now know what is there.
By the way - the music playing fits the cafe name - 1950s/60s style.
We'll be there again.