Monday, December 09, 2013


A talent for numbers

Another day in Dorking.
I enjoyed a time sorting my section.
I had sold  a stool that was a white with black spots domino on 1950s screw in legs. I had loved it.
But it left me with a little spare floor space.
It felt good to move things around.
As I worked Bill had to help Steve with a few sales.
It was interesting that Steve reported how quick and how accurate Bill was when adding up figures.
Whichever part of his brain is affected it doesn't seem to be the numbers part.
And yet this evening, driving home, he must have asked me half a dozen times where we were going to buy chips.
Later this evening he wanted to argue with me when I said that Clare (Ashley Clare to Bill) lives in Newcastle.
And then saw a picture of our grand daughter in Thailand and couldn't remember her name.
Words, memories and places and names have gone. Numbers have not.
He can time runners very accurately - but can't remember who he has to time.
It is scary.
Once I have seen the specialist with Bill, then I will have to start making sure that I put some thought and energy into the future. I feel somewhat mentally paralysed!   Don't want to do thinking!

So, move on.
This evening The Royal Variety Performance was on TV.
I generally find it a bit bland - with some hidden gems.

The crowning gem was the all too brief performance by Attraction, the winners of Britain's Got Talent.
A creative group from Hungary.
Well, at least Hungary has got talent!
Attraction is a dance troupe of shadow dancers.