Sunday, December 08, 2013


Remembered in time.

It looked like a reasonable day, weather wise. Bill needed to go out, I thought - and so did I.
But what shall we do?
Bill shouldn't walk too much with the hernia flaring up.
Soon I had  a plan.
I was outlining my intentions to Bill (still in bed) when, WHAM!, a memory hit me!
Just as well the memory came to me.
We were due to be timekeeping.
And so we went to the school gym in Horsham where the sportshall athletics is held.
The competition was good - though less people taking part this time.
But somehow it didn't feel so good.
There was a tension in the air.
When people are feeling fragile, it is easy to misunderstand and misconstrue.
No - not me!
It was a shame that the brewing unease spilled over into some tears and anger.
I hope it can be patched up.
I don't think Bill noticed. Did he notice there were races going on? Well, of course he did - just failed to notice when the 3rd placed person crossed the line quite often.
Bless him!
I did enjoy him joining in the singing along to songs on the radio as we drove home.....that's not like the old Bill.
"Those were the Days, My Friend" we sang together loudly!