Saturday, December 14, 2013


Pass the port please.

"Have we got enough glasses?" the good folk of Dorking have been asking each other.
"Better get some more" they decide.
"Oh and whilst we are we are here we could have that stylish decanter!"
Yes, it has been a busy day in the shop.
And a very enjoyable day.
I love it when the shop is full of people interested in the things we have for sale.
Especially good when they are buying things, of course.
It wasn't just glasses of course.....and happily both Bill and I were on the sales page.
Only a couple more weeks for Bill - so glad to see the shelves clearing. I shall feel so sad that he is no longer an active part of the shop, but it is not worth while for him to feel pushed into something his heart and head are not in.
Jo is still wondering if his problems have been caused by a small stroke. It would explain why some facets of his abilities are still strong.
I think I would be pleased about that verdict too.
Well - in 5 and a half weeks we will know.
Not sure what we are doing tomorrow - weather forecast not very good.