Thursday, December 12, 2013


Christmas nativity.

This morning I went to a traditional nativity play at my nephews' school.
If I am to believe the tabloid press then such plays don't exist in the same way as they used to. I am not sure that I do believe it - why would I believe what the tabloid press tells us?
They go on about how schools don't promote Christmas as they did when I was a child - it is politically incorrect to concentrate on one religion.
I did hear of such a play, at  a friend's grandaughter's school, known as The Midwife's Strife!
We don't have to be true Christians to be glad to hear the traditional story - it is part of our heritage; well, it is a part of mine.
And the singing of Christmas carols has always been important to me.
And that is exactly what we got this morning at the little school.
The 5 year olds, beautifully dressed up, filed in to perform in front of family and friends.
At first they felt a bit shy.

That's my nephew - one of the three kings, hiding behind his gift for the baby Jesus.

Joseph's expression in the picture on the right is priceless.!

While shepherds watched their flocks by night.

We three kings of Orient are.
Sorry - one moved!

We Wish you a Merry Christmas......We all want some figgy pudding.......And we won't go until we've got some!
My nephew loved that one - stamping his foot on the "won't".

The handsomest wise king in the world!

That was a lovely start to the day. Since then we have been to Nymans to see their Advent Calendar items - only half way through of course. We'll have to go back.
Pictures tomorrow.
And this evening we are going to a social gathering of shop people..
Bill will be exhausted.