Sunday, December 15, 2013


Computer power

I hope I can put it behind me now - the pre Christmas depression.
There have been years when once the winter depression took hold of me it was very difficult to shake off.
Today it has tried to take hold.
The weather has been abysmal.
I got up with some plans in mind - but didn't follow any of them through. The world seemed so uninviting.
I put a large collection of photos of Clare's childhood on facebook (1981 - 86). She claims not to have many of them.
Then there was confusion in the family about the date of one which was taken at a wedding.
So I enjoyed sorting out a couple of pictures from each of Bill's brothers and sister's weddings, with a plea for help to get some of the dates and maybe a few more photos.
We have come such  along way with personal computers since the day when I titled a picture "Three computers in one room"

That was 1983.
Thirty years ago I was a bit overawed that computers were an important part of life for my brother and my children.
Thirty years later I can put a photo onto my computer and almost instantly get a comment back from Australia.

This was the picture and I had got the date wrong - and got the wedding wrong.
So, thanks to our niece in Australia who pointed me in the right direction. And thanks to Pam and Jo for help on others.

This evening the rain had almost stopped and we walked to Tesco Express for some peppermints. I also bought  a pint of milk for 7p and a cabbage for 15p.
And this evening I have booked tickets for the Christmas folk evening at The Hawth.....we'll be there on Wednesday.
Tomorrow is a shop day - maybe that will give me some of my missing oomph back.