Friday, December 20, 2013


Ready for Christmas.

Bill got up very late today. Past midday!
It gave me peace to sort out our Christmas decorations.
The trouble with being old is that you have so many Christmas decorations - acquired thoughout our almost 50 years of putting a tree up at this time of year.
This year we have two trees - two little trees.

Our little real tree.
The tiny straw decorations are new (ish). They have been on display at the end of a book shelf for 4 or 5 years - every day.
We always forgot to use them.......and then forgot to put them away.

This is the wooden tree that we have used for many years now, bedecked with little wooden toys and things.

The mistletoe is part of my expression of the pagan joy at reaching the shortest day of the year.
After tomorrow the hours of darkness will minte by minute grow less and less.

The glass items are quite new. Bill and I made the two items on the right (well, on my screen they are). We joined a workshop at Nymans, Christmas time a couple of years ago.
We watched the twisted twirly glass things being made at a Sunderland glass factory in the autumn of 2012.
There are also some plain glass "lustres" - the dangly bits from a chandelier. I bought them in Pilgrims Antiques last Christmas.

These are much older - dating from years before our own first Christmas together.
They were second hand when I got them - 1950s and plastic.

I think Bill would have enjoyed getting up and finding our living room transformed.
But I went out.
I needed to collect medication from the pharmacy, and to seek out desserts for tomorrow.
I felt that I was lacking in both time and confidence to create anything myself just now. So I went for the best that M and S have to offer.
And probably not the most suitable things for me to sample....with my insides feeling fragile.

This afternoon we went to see Den and Ru......the old couple who have lived in the house next to the one where Bill and his siblings all grew up. They have been there for 60+ years.
Ru, in particular, remains her lovely and sprightly self.
We, briefly met up with their son, Alan.......haven't seen him for 40 or more years.
A pleasant afternoon.

Well, we are ready for Christmas. Celebrations begin tomorrow - I look forward to welcoming the shortest day with a group of my family.There will be at least 18 of us together during the day.

I finish by sending you very many greetings from the two of us; we hope you have a very happy Christmas.