Monday, December 16, 2013


Oh Christmas Tree.....

If you can't beat them, join them - so the saying goes.
I cannot stop the world - well the UK world, getting completely absorbed in the season of Christmas.
I can make my choice - I could be all hoity toity and try to ignore it because it cannot be as it long ago used to be for me. Or, I can join in and feel like a part of it.
Today I bought a Christmas tree.
Actually not a year has gone by when we have not had a Christmas tree.
They were always real trees long ago - with that splendid Christmas tree aroma filling the room.
Though when we were fairly newly married we did vary it for a couple of years. We went out into the hedgerows and chopped a branch (just a small one) from a tree and painted it white or silver and hung our little treasures on it.
Then, when we became "Derby and Joan" and our offspring had flown the nest and settled far away, we bought a tree made of wood - not a big one.
It is in the loft now with treasures hanging on it.
It will be brought down, maybe tomorrow.
So, now we have a tiny real fir tree to bring indoors and we will hang the old treasures on it.
I am looking forward to it.
Today, whilst in Dorking, I added to the Christmas presents that we have for others. I had better get wrapping soon.......hope Bill will join in.
I am sad that what had become a bit of a tradition will have to be abandoned this year. I have, for some years, bought a couple of trays of little cyclamen plants and we personally took them to local family and friends.
Time has just run away this year and I know we can't get round to everybody. But I would like to do something like that for some people.
You can see now that the depression which was threatening yesterday has been knocked on its head.
A happy day in the shop has helped me do that.