Saturday, December 28, 2013


Everybody working

I haven't left the house today.
We both had a disturbed night and I was making cups of tea at 2 in the morning.
Don't know why.......a surfeit of chocolate and stress maybe on my part.
I was up moderately early for there was a lot I wanted to get done.
Having started yesterday I worked at having all my boxes ready to take to the shop on Monday for my January sale.
I had lots to do, so I asked Bill to do the ironing which needed doing - not very much, but the pile was beginning to worry me.
I must be busy more often and ask him to do more jobs - the ones that don't create too many problems in his head.
Later he went out and washed the car.
This afternoon whilst I created a poster to hang up to advertise my sale I found another job for Bill to do.
He wrapped some remaining presents - yes, Christmas is not done and dusted for us. There will be another one tomorrow!
When I was preparing vegetables, Bill took it upon himself to empty the washing machine and hang up the clothes.
It has done me good to have him busy and I feel it must have done Bill good too. Everybody needs to feel needed.
Tomorrow we will drive to Wiltshire for a full day of Christmas, with my brother and his wife, some family and some of their friends.
Looking forward to both the playing and eating tomorrow and the working on Monday.
Should even be nice weather tomorrow.