Friday, December 27, 2013


Friday after Christmas with family.

Back to work for many today,
I worked too - I needed to prepare myself for the January sales.
Next week I shall take over Bill's section in the antiques centre and hold a sale - nothing over £10.
I still like everything to be neatly labelled. I have sorted 3 boxes full and have another 2 to go - apart from things which are already in the shop and need a better chance of returning a small profit to me.
I shall vacate Bill's section at the end of January.
I enjoyed working.
I greeted the electricity meter reader quite early. He was working. He said I was the first house he had called at where somebody was nice to him.
Mostly they grumbled at him "Don't you know it's Christmas?"
Bill got up late.

This afternoon we went to Bill's sister, Pam who had all her family there.
Her son Antony (our nephew and Godson) has provided the most wonderful moments of Christmas week. I wasn't there and yet felt a tear welling up.
Antony has been with his partner, Amie for a while and they have a baby, 4 months old.
On Christmas Day, Antony took his Amie from house to house, and other special places I think, where clues were laid to lead her to the next location. Eventually they led to her mother's house and a Christmas cracker inside which was a proposal of marriage but not the real engagement ring.
Much joy!
Yesterday the whole family were at The Hawth theatre for the pantomime - Cinerella, which I gather has been very good this year.
Towards the end the star of the show was doing some magic and asked somebody from the audience to help - they had picked a particular seat at random, he said.
So Amie went up on stage. She was handed a pack of cards and there was typical magician/pantomime chatter. She was then told that she should be blind folded for a moment.
When the blind fold came off, there was Antony down on one knee with the engagement ring.
Cheers from the entire audience!
Well done to our Antony for being so creative and imaginative in getting it all organised.....he even had to text the producer of the show to say Amie had changed seats!

It was lovely to meet up with our niece and nephew and our great nephew and the 2 great nieces.

Fiona's family.
Young C is explaining his drawing.....a rocket is going to see the square moons and the planets.
He's 5 and good on planets. He wasn't floored when I told him that he lives on a planet - he knew which planet we all live on.

You can see more clearly now. If he was a planet he would want to be Pluto - like the Disney character. Even though Mum has explained that it used to be known as a planet, but now isn't.

J is about 18 months.

She also like drawing.

N is 4 months old.

Great Uncle Bill had a cuddle. Well done Amie for plonking her on his lap; he would never have asked.

Wonderful bike for a toddler.

Young C and his Nannie - and his snowman picture. I like his impressionistic interpretation of a snowman.
He told some lovely snowman stories too and then we all went to the North Pole for stories there, too.

Pam supplied us with cups of tea and home made Christmas cake. Great!

And.....just because he is beautiful!