Thursday, December 26, 2013


Rusper. Sussex Broadwood Morris Men Boxing Day 2013

Boxing Day - the day after Christmas and I was lucky - got what I wanted.
I had wanted blue skies and sunshine.
It is a tradition that The Broadwood Morris Men perform a Mummers' Play in Rusper High Street on Boxing Day.
The play had been written down by Lucy Broadwood (1858 - 1922) , a folk song collector and performer. The Broadwood family (of Broadwood pianos) settled near Rusper - actually in Capel.

She's lovely, isn't she?

Before the play we enjoyed some Morris Dancing, outside the village stores.

I love his tankard, decorated with The Green man.

Beer and morris dancers.
And sunshine. What could be better on a Boxing Day?

A sword fight in the village High Street.

The traffic hardly stopped.
I was amused to see that some in the cars couldn't even raise a smile as they passed by.

He's dead!
Until the doctor arrives and demands  a large fee for curing him.

As The Broadwood Men packed up their costumes and instruments, the horses and carriages arrived.
I know nothing about them, but have seen them call in at The Gate Inn, not far away.
Sadly The Gate is no longer open.

We finished our drinks inside The Star.

I called this one "Game Over".

Thank you to Lucy and the Broadwood Morris Men for creating a highlight in my Boxing Day.