Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Tis the season to be............

Tis the season to be morbid!
Sadly, that is so for some.......happily family and friends have been reporting good times.
Most of them!
And I have been happy too - in my own sweet way. Bill has been encouraged to be a part of it, but he is almost lost.
We got up late - both of us. I enjoyed listening to the radio in bed - Ed Stewart's Old Children's Favourites.
I got up and cooked eggs.
Would we go for a walk? Not in the torrential rain and hail showers.

There has been no talk of presents - but that's OK. Bill wouldn't know how to sort out a present for me these days. I have a small something for him - but I'll leave it for another day. And I decided to leave our gift from my cousin until next Sunday when we will be with people.
I thank you Alison.

I prepared some vegetables.

I then spent a happy hour with my son - in Thailand.
His family had spent the day in PhnagNga, the mountainous rocky area on the mainland north of the island.

Jamie tries to persuade his children to be just like him and love the world.

Jamie's favourite book from a very early age was an atlas.
And as he grew up he was ready to go and see much of the world for himself.
And Jamie also continues other habits - the atlas was second hand and cheap!

I snapped this one as we chatted.

Then I saw that the skies were looking blue, so I told Bill to get his shoes and his coat and we would go for a walk.

You can see how wet the grass is. Oh we have had so much rain.
Bill was funny because he grumbled really that even the paths were covered with fallen twigs and leaves.

The waters of the lake have crept up the banks.

As we walked I tried to engage Bill in conversation - beyond "the paths look a mess".
It is so hard. Today I was floored by a lack of a memory.
I talked of my Christmas days in hospital.
"Well that was a long time ago then - before we got married for sure"
"No - I am remembering 1992, when I was in the Royal Marsden."
"Look, you gave me this eternity ring on Christmas Day"
He looked baffled and had no memory.
I felt so sad......hence me feeling morbid this evening.

When we got home I made a cup of tea and cut a piece of Christmas cake.

Later on we had dinner....a 4 bird roast. It could have been anything really. Bill thought there were too many vegetables.

We watched Dr Who.....and I must admit I dozed a bit.
I don't think Bill really understands it now.
He went to bed soon after it finished - about quarter to nine.

So, that was Christmas.
My most morbid scenario is that Bill and I don't get another one really together.
I don't want to think of the next one.