Monday, December 30, 2013


The January Sale has begun.

Wish I had pictures for you of our special day in Wiltshire yesterday with family.
I just haven't had time for more than a quick look at them.
Today has been a very busy day at the the antiques centre,
The weather was just awful this morning and, as I guessed, there were few people in to disturb my work.
I asked Bill to empty all the things on his shelves and in his cabinet.
As I waited, feeling very chilly, I decided to start sorting out my own section.
Then it was time to deal with the part of the shop that Bill is vacating.
My January sale is up and running.
I had 5 boxes of things with me to arrange and almost all those things are in place.

The prices range from £1 to £10. Very affordable.

Just as he has been for a while, Steve was in today. He has realised that Bill was not a great deal of help to me.
But Steve was battling one of the dreaded bugs that are going around. This morning was a struggle for him
When it was the time that he and Bill would have gone to the pub together for lunch, he suggested we close the shop and that I join them for lunch. I enjoyed a fine jacket potato with chilli con carne and salad.
I had to return to the shop to continue with my own section. I pulled out all the things that have been tucked away, almost hidden on bottom shelves or behind things. I now have 4 more boxes to prepare for the sale section.
The weather improved in the afternoon and people appeared - it was good selling for a couple of hours.
I sold 6 things in the sale and a teapot in the shape of a policeman.
By this time I had ordered Steve home.....he was feeling dreadful and I would rather protect myself as much as possible from the nasty bugs.
And I think patient Steve was getting as irritated as me with Bill's clapping and generally interfering with things. Bill played with Steve's keys constantly through lunch!

By the time we left the shop, I was exhausted. My shoulders ached, my legs ached, my head ached and I generally felt fragile.
I got home and flaked out for a couple of hours on the sofa.
But I am pleased with what I achieved.

Tomorrow I can have the pleasure of looking back on our day in Wiltshire.