Wednesday, January 01, 2014


New Year's Day.

Rain, rain, rain.....lots of it all this new year's day long.
It looked dismal - it was dismal.
But we did leave the house. We delivered windfall apples from Wiltshire to Jenny.
Thank you Jenny for inviting us in for a lovely cup of tea and shortbread.
Having a break with people makes such a difference to my days.

This morning I wrote an email with new year greetings for those I am not regularly in touch with through facebook or blog.
That is a useful exercise in itself because you see which addresses are now out of date and who I must have lost touch with.
And then I must decide if I want to try and make contact in some other way.
As I typed my letter I was listening to the New Year's day Concert from Vienna. At least Bill was clapping in time to Strauss!

This evening we ate up the ginger and pork casserole from yesterday......fancy that, I cooked it last year!
We watched Johnny English on TV - a spoof spy thriller starring Rowan Atkinson.
I remembered how much it had appealed to young Jessica and John when they saw it at the cinema in Thailand. And I correctly surmised that it would suit Bill.

After my outpouring of last night, I slept well. And today have worked on my own brain.
There is a problem that won't go away - so deal with it.
I have accepted other problems by telling myself that a person is doing the best that they can in their own particular circumstances.
That's what Bill is doing.
I should support his efforts.

Tomorrow morning I want to get up early.
We are promised a brief respite from the rain and we will go to Ford. I am not sure how many sellers will be there - though, like me, many will be glad to be back in the old routine.
It will be good to take a walk at Littlehampton too.
Hopefully the sky will look like this for an hour or so.
This was new year's day 2013 - just a year ago, when we were told to expect and dread a drought.

This year we can expect floods. I must check the roads before we go to Ford - could be floods at Amberley.