Friday, January 03, 2014


Me and MGoo

The rains came again......but not before some blue skies for a while this morning.
I used the morning to finish pricing up all that I have that I would like to be sold in the January sale.
What remains at the end of the month will be saved up to sell at a car boot sale when it is both warmer and dryer.

This afternoon there has been non stop chatter.
I went to see one of my oldest friends who had been with me in the first year of secondary school - Ifield Grammar School.
This caused me to have a look at Friends Reunited.
I found this picture.

About 1961.
School dance.
His name was Brian.

So, there were good things about my school days!

Quite a few really - but I was not a willing scholar. Life was too much fun.

I found quite a few interesting pictures - some I knew and some not.

Friends Pete and Jean might like to see Toni and Rene in a picture. R is sitting on Michael M's lap!

I can see that the legacy of this afternoon is going to be a few more hours exploring old memories.
As well as the joy of MGoo's home made chocolates - which I have resolved to eat at the rate of one a day! Promise! But you know what can happen to resolutions.

We were well fed with an excellent Christmas cake and frangipan mince pies and rice crispies cookies.....done with melted Mars Bars and left to set. I'll get the exact ingredients some time.
Bill ate lots! Then he helped himself to the fruit bowl!
Cheeky little monkey!

Before I left we smiled for the camera.

Others have commented that it looks like we might be up to mischief.
Lovely afternoon.