Saturday, January 04, 2014



I loaded the car in the rain......well, there has been a lot of rain.
I took boxes of things for my January sale in the antiques centre.
Goodness knows how I fitted it all in - but I succeeded.
Now all I have to do is sell some of it! I have sold 6 things this week from the sale - 6 things that took up very little room.
I sold things today - but not from that corner.
It maybe that everybody is right that until Bill took that corner with his more specialist items - model cars, soldiers etc - it was a section that people didn't gravitate towards. Very few people who came in looked in that corner.
So maybe it has all been pointless.
Talking of which we watched a Celebrity Pointless whilst eating our dinner. Appearing was a celebrity that I know (a little bit). A well known actress, she also dabbles in antiques and was a seller in Rocking Horse Antiques at the same time as me.
She was Mrs McCluskey in Grange Hill.
This led to friends and I chatting and we ended up talking  about Blue Peter - I have been reading things. Quite a den of debauchery!
And that was Saturday.
The rain has eased - to make its return tomorrow afternoon.
Who knows.....I might persuade Bill to come out in the morning? Maybe The Marina at Brighton and Rottingdean.
We'll have a cup of tea now and I will work on him!