Sunday, January 05, 2014


Red skies and the sea.

"Get up, Bill......look at the sky"

Now, if that's not a warning to shepherds, I don't know what is!
Bill described the sky as looking like bright pink sheep's wool.
I haven't enhanced any colour - that was just how I saw it.

"Get up Bill.....the weather will be not too bad, we should go out"
And he did get up.

We went to Brighton Marina. The number of stalls at the car boot sale was less than on a summer's day, but I found some things.
First I found a couple of old cookery booklets - always popular.
I wondered if one would be useful "Suitable Meals for Children up to 5 years of age". Dated 1947.
Bill was hardly more than 5 when the book was published and now has the tastes of a 5 year old.
Then I opened the book at random........mmmm, spinach custard? I don't think so!
Then I found 3 chairs for children.....always popular.
I can't find the date of manufacture. They are Italian and very stylish, very much in the style of Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen, of the 1950s.
I paid £25 for the 3 of them. "How much?" said Bill, aghast.
I know what I am doing - should get £25 each for them, certainly £20.

We had breakfast by The Marina.
Not much activity on the water - the yachtsmen had seen the red skies too.
I try to encourage Bill to talk about his life.
Suddenly he blamed his problems (only very minor in his mind) on having retired......which, in his mind, he did only about a year ago.
It was 2004.
"Where were you working when your retired?"
"Boxall and Collins" he replies.
No Bill you did work there from the age of 15 but moved on about 40 years ago.
I told him he had retired from Crawley College.
"Who did you work a lot with at the college?" I asked.
Long pause.
"Harold Steer" he replies "and Vic Hathaway"
No - they were working with you in the early days at Boxall and Collins.

That's Bill, aged 16/17, leaning on a Boxall and Collins breakdown truck.

And below we see Harold Steer and Vic Hathaway.

Memories there for Peter M who reads the blog.

But Bill didn't know you were at Boxall and Collins, Peter.......he thought you were at the college!
Sometimes I think that Bill must be kidding me.....just trying it on.
But we all know that he is not.

After breakfast we went to Rottingdean.
So did lots of people - good safe walking on the Under Cliff path.
Safe - but not necessarily dry.

This one didn't get me - but a later one did! I had turned to watch spray in the opposite direction......I was soaked down my back.

It was probably what I deserved because I asked Bill to stand so that a wave might get him and I could capture the scene.

Looking east - round the headland to Newhaven.

Lots of people enjoying a bracing walk today.
Lots of children - on bikes and masses of scooters.
Lots of dogs having fun too.

Man looks so happy to be out playing with his dog.

It was a lovely morning.
I have to take the positives - indeed I have to create the positives.