Tuesday, January 07, 2014


The animals and the lake.

OK - it is true; sometimes I want to do too much.
This evening I was exhausted and fell asleep on the sofa.......but that is not allowed, you know.
My eyelids would close and then a loud voice shouted into my face...."Bee Bo".
It might be the that the tension is more exhausting than the activity.
Bill has been pretty unbearable since his own doze earlier this afternoon.
This morning there was some sunshine.
I abandoned what I had planned for the day.........writing up new lists for my stock file and I took Bill for a walk.
We went to Tilgate.
"Do you want to go to the nature centre?" I asked.
"Nah....don't bother".
But we did go and I think he was pleased.
I was!

However much they have been over exposed by the media, meercats are beautiful and charming.

Turkeys, however are strangely repulsive and beautiful at the same time.
All that stuff on the head looks like it ought to be on the inside!.

I can never cease praising Crawley Council for providing this facility.
For many years entry has been free. In the last year or so there is now a modest charge (£2 adults and £1 children) in the summer months.
Despite the charge being low I was against it - but I suppose it generates some income to pay for the centre. And in addition many that visit the nature centre are not Crawley Council Tax payers - they come from far and wide by the coach load.
But it was free today. That's better for us, who want to pop in for perhaps 20 minutes as part of a walk.

Today's walk was to see how the lake is after all the rain.
The answer is, of course, that it is wet! And larger than it was as the lake has risen and flowed over the pathways.

Bill didn't want to risk continuing on this path.

Look carefully and you can see that as he walks he is puffing like a steam train!

Having not been given instructions, Bill failed to realise that the point of this photograph was to show me on a bench, surrounded by water.

That's the same bench.
A bench for remembrance.

I am not sure how I got this photograph!

Bill really didn't want to walk in the mud and certainly not in the water - despite wellington boots.

The trees mark the edge of the lake - pre flood.

It was good to get out.
I can feel almost like a normal person when we go out.
This afternoon and evening there has been constant noise - tapping, clapping, banging, silly laughs and so on.
I wondered if they could give him Ritalin or some such drug to calm down this sort of behaviour.
Probably not - though it has been used in the USA. There must be something similar.
Fifteen more days!
Then - help, please!