Monday, January 06, 2014


Monday: the weather and the shop.

The day began with noise - the noise of fierce wind and rain being driven horizontally into the bedroom window.
And for me, it was accompanied by a flashing light.
What was it? I feared maybe an electrical fault.
It was an ambulance across the way outside a house. Bad time for somebody.
The weather was impressive.

The weather interfered with my journey to Dorking.
I was just on the road and heard the local radio report....the A264 to Horsham was at a standstill in a westerly direction.
Quick brain....which way is west and which way is east?
Just in time I was given a clue.....the stationary traffic began just after the roundabout that takes traffic up to the mororway.
Time only for a snap decision.
Turn round and attempt a different route.
I opted for Ifield Wood and Rusper......well, Rusper is on the top of a hill.
But the lanes through Ifield Wood were under water - nothing deep and I was able to keep to the middle of the road.
I did wonder if I was crazy!
But all ended well. And I wasn't very late opening the shop.

After a cup of tea and chat, Steve and I did some work; not selling work, for there was not very much of that today,
I was doing an unofficial stocktake.
But after 2 hours of holding a pen and handling cold china and glass, my fingers went numb.
So I abandoned that game in favour of the moving things about game.
I needed something which involved movement to warm me up.

 It was the kitchen table that started it.....
I turned it at right angles so as the short side was by the shelves.

Do you see the ginger bread moulds on the table?
As featured on The Antiques Roadshow yesterday evening.
The small one is old and heavy; the big one is modern.
I bought them from a Dutch couple who come over to sell every 6 months and I normally buy from them.
They had to be on display right now - after the TV highlighting such things.

The chairs I bought yesterday morning are now in the nursery.

I call this the Gentleman's study. Too gender specific I know.

Looking down the shop.

During the day I bought a small vase from somebody who came in.
It is modern Moorcroft - very pretty.
The young man was very open; he had bought it on Saturday in a charity shop in Horsham.
I hope both of us will make some money.
I must do some research.

The journey home was trouble free.
But this evening the news is that many of the main roads around Horsham - and the railway too - are impassable.
We haven't had so very much rain today -but it seems that what there was proved to be an amount that pushed the water levels over the limits.
But the fierce winds continued unabated.

This evening Bill and I went out in the winds. Bill had done nothing all day.
At 8 o'clock and again at ten past eight he asked me the time.
Was it too early to go to bed?
He had nothing to do.
So, we went out for a walk - just over a mile. Bracing and exhilarating.