Thursday, January 09, 2014


Keeping busy.

I couldn't go on with the anxiety and despair of yesterday.
I have had my moments today - but controlled things by keeping busy.There has been cleaning in abundance - and ironing (never really very much of that). I have continued with my new stock file and stock take.
Bill was a bit calmer too.
I thought Bill had said he wouldn't be a timekeeper at the Horsham 50 metre sprints meeting - and I felt pleased! An evening out on my own beckoned!
He wanted to come with me.
Ah well, it is something he can still do.
But I arrived at the sports centre full of anxiety and wondering if I could complete my duties.
The reason for the tension was Bill's driving.
I have commented for quite a while that he doesn't drive as he used to - all part of the change of character.
This evening I felt he was unsafe.
It culminated with a "near miss" on a roundabout. Bill had opted for the right hand lane going into the roundabout - wrong lane..
So he pulled over to the left hand lane without seeing that there was a car already driving there.
Then, of course, blamed the other driver for being there!
The time will come - maybe in 2 weeks time when he will receive orders that he must not drive. I have tried to warn him that this might happen.
He doesn't believe me.
But I wiped my tears and went along to greet all the other officials who have been a part of my world for so long.
Soon I was busy and happy.

This is The Tube where the 50 metre sprint races are held.
Officially it is known as the Alfred Shrubb indoor running track.
Such a shame that his name and the wonderful murals showing athletes of the time when the tube was built, will soon be gone.
That's progress! Cheaper to knock it down and sell the land than create something even better.
Then give the sports people lesser facilities.

At the end of the meeting I kept my word to Bill - that I would demand the keys of the car to drive home.
Oh, he didn't want to.
He refused.
Oh that dreadful quandary when, as a parent or a teacher, you demand a course of action from a child and they refuse.
Now what do you do?
In this case, my perseverance won the day and Bill buckled.
I think he actually enjoyed the drive - a far more relaxed style of driving from me. I am not over cautious and am not afraid of speed - but I keep things smooth.
I think Bill enjoyed noticing things through the window - lots of aeroplanes in the clear night sky.

This is one of those times in life when I can just congratulate myself on having made it through to bedtime.
Well done have done your best!