Sunday, January 12, 2014



OK --------Scream!
I think I shall need counselling before long!
I am not coping well right now.

Bill thinks I am getting neurotic because he says there is nothing wrong with him.
I think he is right on the first point.
I now sit and wait during a quiet spell for the loud clapping to jar my brain.
It always comes.

This morning the lure of eggs benedict got him out of bed on a cold bright frosty morning.
But the brightness let me down - gone by the time we reached Brighton.
And the wind was so cold.
I scurried round the car boot sale - bought a good bit of glass.

It is 1950s Venetian glass.

Bill had not dressed for a cold morning so I got him into The West Quay - it was crowded.
I think that the couple at the other end of the table did not appreciate Bill's awful laugh.
He laughs if I ask him to behave.
So, an uncomfortable breakfast after another drive with incident.
I abandoned all thoughts of a walk......too cold really.
Home to work - more stock list writing. Getting on well with that.
And I dusted the bedroom. Should have got vacuum cleaner out, but got side tracked by the TV - not the programmes.
Our small TV in the bedroom, only recently bought stopped working.
I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody fiddled with the remote!
I checked all aerial connections and looked through the instruction book - such a lot of gobbeldygook!
What I call an aerial is obviously an antenna!
But something must have got into my brain because I now have a working TV.

I will now share with you one of yesterday's purchases at Ford.

The vintage travelling case has been stylishly decoupaged.

This evening, with the help of Mags on Facebook we have sorted out the pattern name and date of the piece I bought from a visitor to the antiques centre last Monday.

Golden Lily pattern, dated 1993.
About 8 cms tall.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring me at the shop.
Peace and quiet for one thing!