Saturday, January 11, 2014


A tree.

I went alone.
I knew I would be happy; but still couldn't stop myself feeling resentful for a while.
Bill OUGHT to get up and come out.But he didn't want to; better I accept that and be happy.

My journey south began in darkness and I drove towards the light - the low bright sunlight.

The railway crossing at Ford is always (or nearly always) a hold up. Just how many trains from Littlehampton make their way to Ford, Barnham and Bognor Regis and beyond via Ford station?
I waited for 3 this morning.
Time to look around.
I grabbed my camera - my imagination had been captured by an ivy clad tree.

What I saw was a princess looking to the left, wearing a crown, with something in her hand. And a rabbit looks to the right, also clutching something.
Happily I have some crazy friends!
On facebook my friends are coming up with other ideas.
On the left is a begging scottie dog or a dinosaur with horns.
On the right we have an elephant, trunk in the air, looking towards the Princess/scottie dog/dinosaur.
My giant rabbit is holding a little man - or maybe the man is on the elephant's back?
And so it went on.
It was as good as cloud watching......and there were very few of them this morning.

On arrival at Ford I stood with others, counting.
There were about 14 streaks of airplane con trail lit up in the low early sun.
Crazy people!

I bought odds and ends at the car boot sale, some cheap china and glass, some books and a decoupaged travel case.
It has been done really well. I'll photograph it tomorrow. But I took it to the garage fairly promptly. I didn't want it to become a drum for Bill.

I had some breakfast at The George in Littlehampton. I bought a paper to keep me company.
But I did chat with sailor John - 84 year old treasure with a wife in a nursing home.
She is deteriorating now.
John reports that she talks gibberish and then ends with "You know what I mean".
But he doesn't.
Almost tearfully he told me he only stays about 45 minutes now.
He loves his Micky (can't remember how she adopted that name) and he can do nothing to make things better.
John and I understand a mutual  bewilderment and fear.

I intend to get Bill out tomorrow. Surely it can't be good to laze around all day every day?
My plan is to go to The Marina and then maybe go to Shoreham for a walk about.

Let me know what you see in the ivy clad tree.
Bill saw...................a tree!