Monday, January 13, 2014


A day for me.

Bill was awake before I went to the shop.
I decided that maybe he could listen to something I had to say.
I told him that I was no longer prepared to be a passenger in the car driven by him.
He doesn't understand why - no memory of a potentially dangerous incident yesterday.
Fortunately he did have the presence of mind to avoid a bad crash......but the vision stayed in my head of what might have been.
And of course, the next time we go anywhere in the car he will have forgotten my ultimatum.
I am sure that within a short time the ultimatum will come from more "official" people than me.

I have enjoyed today.
Sadly, this rather reflects on the fact that I have spent little time with Bill.
I have been in the shop.
My first task was to go through my sales of the week. I am pleased with the amount.
Pleased too, that things from my January sale are trickling away.
I could do with a torrent!
I added more to those shelves today. I arranged the things I bought at the weekend and re-priced some more things that I have had for rather too long.

We have enjoyed helping customers during the day.
I think they enjoy coming to us - even the ones who don't buy.
The browsers are very welcome.....they will buy one day!
Somebody we know who looks after the desk in a neighbouring antiques centre said, mid morning, that they had had nobody through the door.
We had already seen quite a few people. Those people obviously didn't bother with the neighbouring shop.

Bill came out to greet me when I arrived home. I guess he had been looking out for me.
He needs me around.
Of course once I got in I was bombarded with clapping!
Had he been doing it all day, whilst alone?
He went to bed about half past eight.
Tomorrow he has an eye test. I was with him when he did the talking (well some of it) to make the appointment at SpecSavers.
Now he keeps asking me where he has got to go.....he wonders if  it might be to the hospital.
At least we can go into town on the conflict about car driving!