Wednesday, January 15, 2014



So, now we get to Wednesday.
Bill has now seen the hernia specialist - nice young man!
It  needed only to be a very brief appointment - it was agreed that he has a hernia and that it can be fixed.
It will be fixed within 4 months.
That's not too bad because for much of the time, Bill doesn't notice the pain that much.......that's during the hours he is lying down dozing.
The procedure is done under anaesthetic but hopefully he will only be in for the day.
We went to see Bill's sister who lives close by the hospital afterwards and enjoyed catching up and drinking tea.
Well, Bill didn't chat much - he prowled round the kitchen nosing into things that are nothing to do with him and demonstrating his range of noise making.
Later there was more catching up.......Rolf from Germany phoned.
It's hard to believe that Rolf has been a part of life for 40 years now.
He first came in 1974.
We had already welcomed other young people into our home as paying guests.
The youngsters came for a sort of working holiday to improve their knowledge of English and England.
We had French and German teenagers over a number of years.
I enjoyed the hosting and we took seriously our part of the bargain in that we took them out to see and do lots during their stay.
Rolf is the only one we kept in touch with.