Sunday, January 19, 2014


Continuing to Let it Be.

I am feeling content that I have been a busy and good person today.
Hardly even a twitch of  a grumble!
I seem to have listened to my own advice.........which created a very meaningful serendipity moment.
I turned the radio on........Radio Sussex it was tuned to.
And the music that was playing? Well, Let it Be!
Made me a little tearful!
Those three  little words must forever guide me.
I got up quite early.
I wanted everything that I bought yesterday in Cuckfield written up and ready to go.
Rest assured Roger that the auction brochures are not ready to go - they were not destined for the shop.
I can tell others that one of the auction booklets that I mentioned yesterday evening does have some relevance to our family history.
It takes time to deal with ephemera. I like each item to be neatly bagged in a cellophane fronted envelope, which has to be cut to size.
All things are now in my shopping trolley and can be wheeled into the shop.
Bill stayed in bed.
At half past ten I informed him that I would eat breakfast at 11 o'clock and would be pleased if he could join me.
But he didn't make it.
I was unsure what his reaction to an afternoon of sportshall athletics would be. I gave him the option of pulling out.....and he did.
So I had 3 hours of being busy without feeling responsible for him - and not feeling guilty.
I love being amongst so many lovely people, working hard.
Some good racing.
Bill thought I had been to the shop!
On hearing that the shop day was tomorrow he assumed that he would be coming too.
"Why? What do you have in the shop now?"
"I don't know."
"You have nothing there - no section, nothing for sale"
He looked confused. "When did that happen?"
Worse (to my mind) followed when he had no idea where the shop is. Horsham? Then from nowhere he suggested Horley?
I kept my calm and my dignity.
And whilst we are at it..."Why do you keep moving the jug around?"
I don't - it's always in the same place. But Bill has forgotten where that place is.
Watched Countryfile and The Midwife......good Sunday evening viewing.
Time for bed soon.....Bill went up at 9 o'clock.