Friday, January 17, 2014


Work rest and play.

Be warned - carpet cleaning can lead to chaos!
Many small items had to be moved around yesterday; today I decided to follow through on an idea I had which would involve moving big items.
We bought a small (but extending) round table and chairs quite a few years ago from an EBay seller. We went to Kent to pick it up.
It is a good quality solid wood table.
But somehow I had got to finding it less than useful in the kitchen/dining room/computer room.
I thought that a rectangular table that Bill had bought in Ikea as a work table in one of the mostly unused bedrooms, would be better down stairs.
It is very basic and not of high quality.
So "oughta take the legs off, Bill"
The table from upstairs slotted well into the space allocated downstairs. hooray!

I have collected rocks and crystals all my life, I think - not just empty shells!

Bill relaxing in the upstairs day room. On the round table is the TV we recently rejected as not working.
Maybe it might connect better to the arial in this room.
I shall clear out the boxes under the table some time.
Good grief - that table was heavy!. Bill took the legs off and we sort of rolled it up the stairs. Hard work.

Bill needed some sleep.

When Bill awoke, I got him to take a picture of me.
And then we went for our reward!
What a reward we gave ourselves. Not the slice of cake and cup of tea I had expected.

This was Bill's - a toffee fudge cake which Alex made for the first time yesterday, with a lime jus, ice cream and raspberries. Alex is the owner and cook and creator of marvels in la Rusta.

Anybody for a slice of carrot cake?
With lime, cream and raspberries. It was truly a wonderful eating experience.
And was it expensive?
No, not really. If we had had a slice of cake and a cuppa in Wetherspoons it would have been £5.
Our luscious treat cost £2.70 more than that, but so infinitely worth it.