Saturday, January 25, 2014



Today almost felt like a normal day - let's put Bill's brain on the back burner; it is cooked enough already!
Bill got up early this morning with very little bullying.
He drove to Ford and I relaxed......he is safe.
By the time we got there the murky pre dawn mist had lifted and some sunshine lit up the day.
Bill walked around with me as I rummaged and delved into boxes.
I didn't buy very much really. I am trying to avoid too much china and glass - I am always looking for things which are different and with character.

The black and white armchair and set of drawers are modern (but very retro) and they are jewellery boxes.
The Bookano Stories date from 1937, with pop up pictures inside.
It is in good condition, but less than excellent. An excellent copy would sell for £70/£80.
I love the 1950s wedding cake decoration - plastic and slightly naff, but was so meaningful to somebody.

And so, into Littlehampton for breakfast.
Breakfast on Burns Night.
For one week only Wetherspoon's celebrate Burns Night by putting haggis on the menu - last day today.
I didn't want to miss out this year so I ordered haggis for breakfast - very tasty and very filling.
My own picture of what is not very photogenic food made it look rather like a plate of "puke".
So I have another picture - and it does at least have a Scottish look to it.

Bill's hernia was giving him some pain - he didn't fancy a walk. Best not to push him.
So he drove us home again.
Still very safe......maybe we all tend to get a bit nervous with other people's driving.
And this morning I didn't have to direct him once.

We got home to find an ambulance outside.
It had been called to attend to Frieda, next door. She had fallen in the bathroom. Her son told me that she seemed quite perky but her hip hurt a lot.
This is worrying for a woman in her 90s.
She is now in hospital. I have not yet heard the results of any X Rays or other tests.

We made cups of tea, turned on the TV to relax a while. Bill slept so quickly that neither his drink or his biscuits got touched.
The film Free Willy was on - I saw the beginning and the very end. I slept through the middle.

Later I went to see our neighbour, Rose to tell her about Frieda.
This left Bill to deal with the man coming to give an estimate to replace the back fence and gate.
It's a bit more than I hoped - but easier to accept than spend a lot of time and delays trying to find somebody a bit cheaper.

Bill has been helpful today - more than just washing up.
He hung the laundry upstairs for me and has made me cups of tea.
He has banged and clapped a lot, of course and memory lapses occur all the time. He cooed at a doll of mine......"I bought that in York" I told him.
"Of course you were at York, weren't you?"
"At the university?"
No, Bill, I wasn't........and then he dragged the place name Isleworth from somewhere, which is correct.
He didn't know who had been to York - our son.

One of the things that I sorted from the back bedroom yesterday is a box of art materials and some of my efforts.
Think I'll photograph some of them tomorrow.
There were some self made greetings cards.
"I made those when I was in the Marsden Hospital" I told him.
"When were you there?"
He seems not to remember that long and dreadful time. Dreadful for me......and certainly more dreadful for him (and all of you who were there).
But either he can remember or worked out that it would be more appropriate to remember, the week I almost died; he and my Father had to ask the doctor to continue with tests, however intrusive.
I came out of the coma in intensive care and some problems were solved and I was alive.
Bill then asked more sensitively than I have heard him of late....."Did you want to be alive?"

Far, far too early to think that the medication is making a difference. Two months the doctor suggested - not two tablets.