Friday, January 24, 2014


The day after yesterday and the day before tomorrow.

My things to do list was long.
Some of it was stuff that needed to be done - the rest of it, well.......I guess I just needed to be busy.
I have made soup, a quiche and an apple and raspberry pie. I have done the ironing. Started sorting things we don't need in the back bedroom - apparently we might need Youth Hostel handbooks and membership cards for 1959 again one day!
I took Bill to the hair dresser for a cut.
Interesting conversation....I have got to laugh!
Bill:: Oh, I should get a haircut today
Me: Will you phone to make an appointment or shall I do it?
Bill: You do it.
A few minutes later.
Me: Your appointment is at 12.30.
Bill: Appointment for what?
Me: An appointment to have your hair cut.
Bill: Oh am I having a hair cut today, I didn't know.
I have spent time on the phone.
I phoned the DVLA - damn it, they had to speak to Bill under the data protection act! But once they had confirmed that he was who I said he was and living at the address I said, I was able to sort things. They will send a medical assessment form. When we have sent it back there maybe an appointment with a doctor, or a doctor far away will decide without seeing him or seeing him drive.
I phoned the insurance company.
The young girl told me that if no doctor said he was unfit to drive then he is covered to drive.
Others have warned about small print get out clauses.
I think it looks OK.
One thing that I feel is not OK - yesterday the doctor gave us details of a 3 month free sample of a nutrition/medical supplement which may help Alzheimer's sufferers. Souvenaid.
I wonder how much the doctor gets paid for handing out these leaflets.
Research shows that some trials have found some improvement for early stage dementia people, but the Alzheimer's Society are dubious.
In addition the cost would be prohibitive for many patients at over £1,300 a year.
Yes - that much!
The Society says it would be better to spend a thousand pounds on the right foods - always assuming that the patient will eat them.
But I do now have  a list of what is in Souvenaid. We have never been anti supplements and know of on line companies who supply them.Maybe I can see a nutritionist and together we can sort out what Bill might be lacking.
Time for bed. It has been a long and busy day.
I plan to go to Ford in the morning......and at the moment Bill plans to come too. But it does mean an early start.
In the afternoon I have somebody coming to look at our back fence and gate. I think I shall just go for a complete replacement.