Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Polesden Lacey stroll in January - and lunch

I wonder if I am right?
Of course, I think that I am!
I felt it was important to get Bill out today. We had both been at home all day on Sunday and he was at home alone yesterday, I saw very little of him. I think he was only up for about 8 hours - he went to bed at half past eight.
The forecast for the day included showers and later persistent rain. And that's what we got.
It was raining when we arrived at Polesden Lacey; we sat in the car for a while - where I encouraged Bill to create a story about a monster. We didn't get very far really. But who knows.....Spotty, the monster who lives in a cave might let us know more about his adventures!
The rain stopped and we walked along the soggy paths under mostly blue skies.....just a short walk.

Look at him! He's enjoying some warmth on his back.
Did I say warmth?
Well, not really - the wind was chilly.

The last rose of summer and the first spring daffodil.
Snowdrops and aconites.
And the most surprising flower to find in January, nestled under some greenery by the herbaceous garden wall.

It is a wonderful wall.

Hole in the wall.

I was about 30 metres from the robin up in the tree. Does he look grumpy to you?

View from the house, which was closed. It is undergoing necessary work during the winter months.

House window, framed by pyracanthus,

Before we left I encouraged some fun with the cherubs.

Polesden Lacey is only a few miles from Dorking and we went there for lunch, in The Surrey Yeoman.

I so enjoyed the red sweet potato curry broth - thick, with large chunks of sweet potato, peppers and coconut etc.

Tomrrow I will spice up and thicken last week's soup I made with some sweet potato and red curry paste.

After our food we called in at the shop.
Jo and Mick were there and Mick's friend, Jules.
We enjoyed tea and cake together.
My takings today surpassed yesterday. I took £3 today!

I hope Bill enjoyed the day. It has been a bad one for clapping, banging and other noises.
Mutter under breath "Let it Be, Let it Be, Let it Be!"