Monday, January 27, 2014


History in the shop.

Few words tonight.
Few words for a few sales.
It was indeed a quiet day......I sold something; but let's not get excited. It was a slightly naff ornament that I took in from the old lady, Iris, who brings things to me now and again. I didn't want it. But I like to buy from Iris because I admire her, is that the way to run a business?
But who says I am a business woman? That is not how I see myself. I seem myself as a woman with a hobby, a passion  which costs me nothing and indeed does bring in a small profit.
I sold the ornament for £2. It was in my bargain corner. Bargains have sold well this week.
I did a little more stock taking - almost complete now.

Steve and I got absorbed in his family and radar history.
The family have had a picture of his grandfather and 3 other men standing outside what looks like the base of a windmill - except that through the door there is a glimpse of machinery not normally found in  a mill.
Grandfather worked at Farnborough during the war - an aircraft establishment. Steve's brother took the photo to Farnborough museum to see if they could shed light on it. Their answer seems ridiculously might be in Suffolk.
It didn't take me long to find much more information on the my smart phone, always there to give me instant access to knowledge.

This is Black Beacon at Orfordness - a remote and windswept land. It was built in the 1920s and housed equipment for radio navigation and bearings were also taken at Farnborough.
This all ties in - Grandfather was working on radar.
This tower rotated at a speed of 6 degrees a second, which seems quite fast.
Steve assumed that the tower had long since gone.
But it has been restored. I remembered a TV programme about windswept concrete "huts" that were once top secret now being developed as museum pieces on the Suffolk coast.
And I have found a clip from that programme now.
I think Steve's family will have a day out to Orfordness in the spring.
In fact, having looked at it all - I would like to go there too!

So, it was a good day at the shop.

And now I recommend Jamie's latest blog posting about Phang Nga Province. (Pronounced Pang Nar - roughly).
I have been to almost all the places he featured on this posting.......except Heaven!
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