Friday, January 31, 2014


Pootling about.

I begin today with pictures that may or may not have appeared on last night's posting.
I didn't see them when I just read through what I had written yesterday.
I felt emotional and amazed because a year ago none of us would have envisaged a picture like this.
My daughter, Clare has left troubles, seemingly unsurmountable troubles, in her past.
Here we see a happy relaxed woman, ready to cope with all the challenges that must be faced.

She had dressed up a bit for the installation of the new vicar at church - one of the churches which is holding her attention these days.
Some things have not changed - must be inherited. I think the outfit cost £3 - plus the necklace which may well have come from the bags of jewellery we bought together last November.

Today has not been one of great achievements.
I pootled around for most of the morning, whilst Bill slept. He didn't get up until gone midday.
He had a yoghurt for breakfast - well, was a chocolatey Aero pot of mousse..
We then went out for a late lunch in the town.
Now we have found La Rusta, I would like to think that we can go there at least once a week.
It is a good place to be and so nice to chat with Alex.
Bill had his eggs benedict.....this time he had one with ham and the other with sausage.
My soup was carrot and coriander.
We then had to go to Asda to get the things I forgot to buy on Wednesday.

It was pouring with rain! Again!
It doesn't matter how many times I tell myself that we are very fortunate here not to have the problems of the Somerset Levels - I still feel totally fed up with the weather.
The wettest January ever.

February will continue the trend.