Thursday, February 06, 2014

Dismal day!
Not much more than 3 hours of it left.
Cover my eyes to ignore the weather; cover my ears to try and ignore the clapping.
Focus on tomorrow - a day when I will make something of it and try to help Bill to make something of it.
I had plans for today.
I collected some things to prepare for Ebay - it's about time I tried to add to funds through my Ebay efforts.
Having brought them in from the garage - they remained untouched on the table all day.
All oomph had fallen away from me.
I can expect to feel tired and must make sure I get rest.
But a nothing day makes me feel like nothing.
And as a result I have felt tense and inwardly tearful.
"For God's sake....shut up!" I want to shout.
Perhaps I did shout it. Sorry Bill.
But of course we did go out for a while.
"Where are we going?"
ECG time again.
Bill thought it was something to do with his hernia.
Strange really that he could tell me what the initials ECG stand for but can't remember having had one 2 days ago.
Anyway, it seems that any problems are not at all life threatening - no urgent treatment needed.
I had to ask the receptionist to ask the doctor if Bill could proceed with the hernia operation.
And who must report this to the hospital? Well, me, of course? Why me?
"Oh, by the way.... could you fit my husband in for his operation as soon as possible?"
Actually Bill has a form for a blood test which monitors any problems that methotrexate might throw up. He could have that tomorrow and then we could go to the day surgery ward to talk to the nurse we saw on Tuesday.
The nurse who did the ECG today said that I should make an appointment to see the doctor about today's results.
Of course under government rules nobody should wait more than 2 weeks for their appointment.
And how is this achieved? By not allowing appointments to be made more than 2 weeks ahead.
So we only have to wait 2 weeks.....but that doesn't include the time we wait to actually make the appointment. Bah!
So I took the first available appointment for a non urgent matter - in 2 weeks. But that is with one of the team I don't have enough faith in......she didn't think Bill had a hernia.
I shall cancel this appointment on line and as soon as I can I will make an appointment with another doctor. It is quite probable that an appointment is not necessary because nothing will be done.
We'll see.
Then tomorrow I must find another dentist.
We have been with Mr Clinton for maybe 40 years. He has retired - rather abruptly as health issues forced him to stop.
There has been a locum dentist, who has worked willingly, but as a young whizz kid of the dental world he has plans for a private practice and much gadgetry to enhance his image.
He is still doing one day a week for Mr Clinton.
But we now need to get established with somebody who will value us and get to know us.
And whilst we are in a moaning mood......I am moaning about the Alzheimer's Society nurse.
We got a letter from her a week ago and I have phoned twice this week to arrange an appointment and left phone numbers on her answer phone.
No reply!!!
Bill, with a flash of shining logic, offered the suggestion that she might be on holiday.
Proud of him for that!

Our weather, in Sussex has been dismal.......very, very wet and windy.

That's Newhaven.....on the BBC news page.

The Brighton West Pier - a ruin for many years - has been knocked closer to oblivion this week.