Saturday, February 01, 2014


Good things and untoward things.

Bill enjoyed a day of rest. Not me.
So many people through the door of Pilgrim's Antiques today.
The January pay cheques are in.......they have money to spend!
But  today I have not been really busy - the two men working with me have pampered me delightfully.
They have made me cups of tea, plied me with cake, unlocked cabinets for all the customers and allowed me to sit at the desk and deal with the money.Lucky me!
Pleased with my sales too.
I sold my G plan nest of coffee tables.
Help! I need another table just to put things for sale on. I have a couple of small non collectable ones in the garage at home. Covered with a cloth one will look just fine on Monday.
Steve and I were in the shop until 30 minutes after closing time, dealing with customers.

The only downside to the day was a brief conversation at the end of the day with somebody I have known for a while, but don't know well.

She: How's Bill?
Me: Oh he's OK. We now have a definite diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease.
She: Oh that's good.
       At least it's not something untoward.
Me: (Feeling bemused) I actually find it very much a major issue - very much untoward!
She:(Feeling slightly awkward). You know what I mean - at least it's not like pressure on the brain

What a very silly word is "untoward".!
I won't be able to forget this conversation - but have to forgive her for her ignorance, I suppose.
Does she think that if Bill pulled himself together he would go back to how things were?
And I suppose if I can't yet fully comprehend the full extent of the journey I am embarking on with Bill, then how can anybody with no experience understand?
I have just described to a friend that the learning curve I face about this awful disease is my next adventure!
It mustn't be a tragedy!
Though - there will many moments when I think it is.

So, I got home late. I had phoned Bill to advise him that this would happen.
I drove round the corner to our house and there he was outside the gate waiting for me. Bless him.
He has not been up and active today - still in bed in pyjamas when I phoned about 3 o'clock! I thought he wouldn't get dressed at all - but he did.
He went for a very short walk round the block whilst he was waiting for me.
So, home late to a sausage and lentil casserole which had been in the slow cooker all day.
And home to a happy, clappy Bill.
And home to a Bill who felt the need to get back to his nest at about half past eight.

I intend to get him out for a while tomorrow morning.