Tuesday, February 04, 2014


One thing leads to another.

"Come on, Bill....it's time to go!"
"Where are we going?"
"We are going to the hospital so that they can find out if you are fit enough for your operation"

The lovely nurse asked questions - and he worked out his age for her once I told him what year we are in.
He looked to me for advice for our house number.
Just little things.
His blood pressure was just fine - I had already checked that earlier!
Then he had an ECG.
I did say to the nurse that we have been told he has an irregular heartbeat but it wasn't anything to worry about.
But these things worry anaesthetists!
She took the print outs off to discuss them with other members of staff.
We sat and waited - me knowing "there may be trouble ahead".
She returned and explained that as things stand she can't yet sort out a date for an operation - it could be dangerous.
She asked me to take a print out of the ECG to our GP so that if need be further decisions and medication can be arranged.
Once I know what the GP has decided then I must ring her back and she can discuss it with the doctor.
So the next part of our day was a trip to the Medical Centre. The receptionist was great and wangled an appointment for 5 o'clock this afternoon.

We then went into town. When it came to having a treat for being a good "boy" at the hospital, only eggs benedict would do.
So off to La Rusta.
And Alex made me a wonderful "no cheese" pizza.

It is flat bread with tomato paste, ham, peppers and red onion.
So good.
I have had nothing that good since lunch at a beach cafe in Positano on The Amalfi Coast, Italy.
The Italians seem to have the knack of creating a really special pizza. And Alex is Italian.

Pizza is always served on a thick wooden board standing on tomato tins in La Rusta.

The rocket salad came from Bill's plate......"green stuff - nasty".
Hang on - is that actually rocket?

He had a slice of the pizza, with a little suspicion and I bought 2 slices home for later.

We then had to collect Bill's new spectacles. He had no memory of having had an eye test, so didn't know he had new spectacles.

We had a couple of hours at home and then. went out again to the medical centre.
Bill was a bit worrying (to me) in the waiting room.
I have reported how much he likes to communicate with small children. A couple were across the other side of the room - some distance away, crawling on the floor pretending to be cats.
Bill was constantly "miaowing" loudly for their benefit and other noises and then cackling loudly at me.
Other people just don't understand and would just tend to feel awkward in the presence of a "nutter".
We haven't actually seen Dr Alexander for ages.
He and a student peered at the ECG scans and both decided that it was not really clear enough to make any decisions about.
He handed me a piece of paper to take to reception....."ECG scan.....soon please".
Bill must have another ECG.
The receptionist chuckled at the word "soon".
And I worried about the delay.
But she sorted it.......we are back there on Thursday afternoon.
I then worried to her that we would then have to wait to see a doctor again. But I was told that the print outs will be taken straight to a doctor and follow up discussed.
Sometimes an ECG might mean that it is clear that a patient ought to go straight to hospital.
I don't think that will happen to Bill. Fingers crossed anyway.

Home then for a tasty "left overs" meal.
Bill was in bed at just after 8 o'clock.