Sunday, February 02, 2014


The vineyard, the cake and the sunshine.

Did you know that you are almost certainly part of a group of niblings?
People who are not are quite rare really.
My own connection with niblings includes 67 people.........but that does include both niblings and great niblings. But I am not one of those.
I am part of a different group of niblings.

And maybe that is a clue for you.

It seems there is a clamouring for a word like siblings (all your brothers and sisters) and that should be niblings (for all the connected nieces and nephews).

Well, I hope those of you in the UK were able to enjoy a day of sunshine....and chilly wind.
I got Bill out of bed to accompany me to a vineyard.
Denbies is a Surrey vineyard on the outskirts of Dorking. I am sure the wine is wonderful - but rather expensive for one who is content with plonk.
Anyway wine was not on the shopping list today.
We were there for the vintage fair.
I was bound to meet people I know and see things I would like to buy.
I bought 3 items and like them.

The basket was bought at Ford on Thursday.
The glass vase was made in Finland - that gets described as "art glass".
The lamp shade is a wire frame covered with orange ribbon - very 70s.

I said we would meet people.
We enjoyed our tea shop treat with N and L. N was on duty in the shop with me yesterday.
The cafe was very busy - it seems to be one of THE places to go with family and friends for Sunday lunch.

This was obviously taken at a far less busy time.
We enjoyed company and three of us happily showed off the things we had opted to buy.

And I especially enjoyed this blueberry and cream cheese muffin.

I know, I know - cheese for my digestion?

But it was one of the best ever muffins from a company called Wraggamuffins.

Then home, via Crawley Marks and Spencers.
A friend had told me that M&S fragrances are reduced by 20% just now. I am so out of touch with shops that I didn't know M&S even did fragrances.
But I had been thinking I would like more perfume - not expensive.
It's just part of my routine of making sure I look after myself.

I cooked a great roast beef dinner - yes the beef was in the sell by date bay on Friday afternoon.
And I phone Bill's oldest friend Eric.
I could highlight Bill's lack of memory to Eric when I told him that Bill asked where Eric is living now and if he still lives with his parents.
Eric has been married, has 4 children and his parents died some time ago. Bill was most certainly at the funerals.

But it is obvious to me that AD is much much more than memory loss.
I have read about so many problems on the forum.
One person on the forum told me that these days when somebody asks how her husband is, she gives them the truth.
"The brain continues to die"
I would only do this to people who clearly cannot actually comprehend the implications of the disease. But I shall take a wicked delight in doing it!
So many people are both frightened and ignorant.
One person had to deal with another question when she told about how her husband had been smearing faeces on the wall.
She was asked "Do you think he is doing it on purpose?"
I actually laughed out loud! Or lol, as the youngs ones say.