Monday, February 03, 2014


Chilly Monday

A day of feeling rather cold - actually very cold in the shop early on - combined with not much activity has left me feeling dozy.
There were not many people about - and for the first day in ages, my name is not on the sales page.
I priced up some of my recently acquired things. I dealt with my takings since last Monday and tidied things.
And, as I forgot to take in some things today that I promised I would have there for a customer, I will return for a while on Wednesday. Bill could go to the pub with Steve at lunchtime.
I also meant to take in a small table for displaying things on - forgot that too.
At 5 o'clock I scurried to the car, collar up against the chill wind........but glad to be returning to the car park in the light.
Spring is coming....but not before more of the interminable storms return.
I shall soon snuggle down under the warmth of the duvet.
I was late to bed again last night....I found the AD Forum jokes page! Not jokes about AD I hasten to add.
There is also a poetry page.
Tomorrow I have to get Bill to the hospital for his pre- assessment test prior to him having a hernia op.
Farewell, chilly Monday!