Wednesday, February 05, 2014



As predicted the rains came......and the strong winds came.
It was bad enough, but nothing like as bad as the west of the country has experienced.

I am sure most of us in the UK have seen pictures of this railway line on the Devon coast.

I had planned to take some things to Dorking today that I had promised a customer would be there.
I had another motive as well - just to get Bill out of the house.
At first I thought he might refuse to come.
But he did accompany me....and then he and Steve went to the pub and Bill enjoyed a portion of cheesy chips.
I stayed and looked after the shop for a while.
And I re-arranged the bargain corner - good to keep it looking a bit different every week.

Once back from the pub, Bill was restless.
Tap, tap, bang bang.....a customer commented on his drumming.

We went home.

And dear customer, I then had to endure the tapping, drumming etc for some hours. I now watch TV with sub titles on, because I often lose track of the sound because of his noise.
It is annoying - but not a real problem, I guess.......nothing untoward!!!!
Bill's sister, who we actually saw at the doctor's yesterday is now in hospital. She has a number of issues and at this moment needs Intra veinous antibiotics for infected cellulitis in the legs.
And another hospital admittance today was for a little girl, a friend's grand daughter.
After surgery, she too will be on IV antibiotics.
She has orbital cellulitis - a cellulitis infection behind the eyes - hopefully only one eye.
I feel for both of them - particularly the little girl and her worried family.

So many challenges for people.
I feel tired, so my challenge feels tougher tonight.
But Bill, has already been in bed for a couple of hours; leaving me to write and watch TV in peace.
I love the comedy Outnumbered.
Then I watched 24 hours in A and E - more challenges for people.
All around the world tonight people are alone with their challenges - millions of them.
I am no different....except that I am blessed with being part of a world where support is at hand.

I will end with a, actually it is a tragedy - another challenge.
But Michael Rosen the children's author can turn it into a laugh.

Written by Michael Rosen - who gave me the best hour of my teaching career; and it was the last hour.
What better way to end it than with Michael Rosen and the laughter of children?
Yes I am a Michael Rosen supporter.
Michael Gove - no way!
I can't find anybody to support him......though I guess his wife does.
Simplistic, mean, lacking in understanding, ridiculous and generally rather despicable!
Yes, he is quite a challenge.